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FL Studio vs Ableton Live! Which is the best DAW?

FL Studio vs Ableton Live! Which is the best DAW?

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link to SM Drums

SM Drums

SM Drums is a free VST plugin that is probably one of the best drum plugins out there, it sounds even better than those paid plugins. This plugin was created by Scott McLean, Tod Stillwell, and...

link to AVL Drumkits

AVL Drumkits

AVL Drumkits is a free drum sampler plugin that is dedicated to Glen MacArthur's AVL Drumkit. This plugin comes with 2 drumkits which are Black Pearl and Red Zeppelin. This Drumkits seems to be...

link to 606 Koncept

606 Koncept

606 Koncept is an anlog drum machine from the 80s. This plugin supports both macOS and Windows OS but only for the 64bit version. Each drum sound's pitch can be manipulated by using the summing...

link to DrumTROOP


DrumTROOP is an amazing drum VST plugin that is completely free and is available for both macOS and Windows PC. It also supports 64bit and 32bit. For a free plugin, this one surely comes with...