Hello Readers,

Bassdropfactory was made mainly for producers who are starting out. I write this blog to share what I find on the Internet that I think is useful for people. My goal is to make this extremely helpful and I try my best to keep it straight to the point.

There are a lot of small producers and developers that create amazing content and I would like to spread their work here with their permission of course. You can also help bassdropfactory.com contribute to the community by contacting me.

A little backstory…

I’ve been producing music for almost 5 years now and I started this blog so I can help all the ones that would need help and resources. When I started to produce music I had a lot of trouble with where to start and where to go and find sounds and plugins. It was pretty time-consuming. So, I decided to start a blog and provide links to where to find what.

I basically go and look for perfect sounds and VST plugins and link it from here and also I try to write tutorials for people who want to learn new stuff. I do realize there are a lot of resources out there but I will try to keep this as transparent and honest as possible. I am not a huge pro in any of this stuff but I will make sure to give my 100%.

I’m thrilled to see where we can go with this.

If you need help or want to contact me, click here.