14 Best Strings VST Plugins

Best Strings VST Plugins

Hello Readers, after extensive research and trying out multiple String VSTs, I have compiled the best strings VST plugins out there.

I know the importance of sound quality for music production when we introduce digital strings and I have kept that in my mind while looking for the best strings VST plugins.

I will list all of the best VST Strings plugins but not in any particular order, so please feel free to try them out and see what you like the best.

Best Strings VST Plugins

Without further ADO, below are the top 20 of the best VST Strings out there!

  1. Cinematic Studio Strings
  2. LABS Strings 2 by Spitfire Audio – FREE
  3. Analog Strings by Output
  4. Zilhouette Strings
  5. BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover – FREE
  6. Orchestral Tools Berlin Orchestra Inspire
  7. Spitfire Symphonic Strings
  8. Orchestral Tools Layers – FREE
  9. Native Instruments String Ensemble
  10. EastWest Symphonic Orchestra
  11. Hans Zimmer Strings
  12. NOVO Modern Strings
  13. Intimate Studio Strings – 8dio
  14. Spitfire Chamber Strings

1. Cinematic Studio Strings

Cinematic Studio Strings

You would be extremely surprised how amazing and realistic this plugin sounds. This is a super-powerful sample library which you will need Kontakt Player to play this.

If you’re looking to get a super realistic sounds or you’re trying to score a music for games, movies, whatever it may be, this will sit it perfectly.

Just have a listen to the demo of Cinematic Studio Strings & you will know why it’s simply one of the best strings VST.

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2. LABS Strings 2 by Spitfire Audio

LABS Strings 2 by Spitfire Audio

Spitfire audio has done an amazing job with this one by providing us an wonderful sounding strings that supports both Mac & Windows.

I completely forgot to mention, this is FREE.

They also have now 3 playing techniques:
– Pizzicato
– Bartok Pizz
– Swells Ensembles

Aside from their huge collection of sounds & plugins, LABS Strings 2 sounds so good that I can’t belive they would give this out for free. Below is the demo.

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3. Analog Strings by Output

Analog Strings by Output

Analog Strings comes with a super sleek user interface and very easy to use. This plugin by Output has a simple interactive Filter, vibrato, tone and rhythm controls.

You will need Kontakt Library to use this plugin and supports both OS and all major DAWs.

You will get 60-piece string orchestra and with over 500 presets on this plugin.

Below is the demo of the plugin.

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4. Zilhouette Strings

Zilhouette Strings

Here comes another favorite plugin of mine the Zilhouette Strings by Steinberg. This plugin has a collection of orchestral string that can fit right into your mix.

The plugin consists of 7 Violins, 2 Violas, 2 Cellos, & 2 Basses. Additionally you also get to control the Sweetness, Seating, Players, Effects, Articulations.

In the below walkthrough video by Steinberg you will be able to hear the demo of the strings.

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5. BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover

BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover FREE

Spitfire’s BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover is a holy grail when it comes to VST strings, it’s also the free version from them. If you end up liking their free version then you will love their paid version even better.

This plugin comes with a total of 34 instruments and a whole orchestra at your disposal. A huge value especially when you consider that it’s a freebie.

Supports, all major DAWs and OS.
– 34 Instruments
– 47 Techniques
– 1 mix signal
– Dedicated plugin

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6. Orchestral Tools Berlin Orchestra Inspire

Orchestral Tools are one of the leading company in the industry especially when it comes to Strings they have done a wonderful job of creating this masterpiece.

This plugin comes with a full symphony orchestra as a whole. All of the instruments in this plugin were recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin.

Inspire 1 also runs inside Sine other than Konakt. If you are already using Sine then it would be easier to add this. Listen below to the demo of the plugin.

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7. Spitfire Symphonic Strings

Spitfire Symphony Orchestra

As you may have already know Spitfire’s plugins when it comes to Strings are the best. So, I had to add this for sure to this list.

Symphonic Strings are super popular among the music scene and consist of complete sounds to score strings. Hence, it’s easily one of the best Strings VST.

This can be run inside of Kontakt Library. It consists of over 800 articulations, complete orchestra, & performance legato patches.

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8. Orchestral Tools Layers

Orchestral Tools Layers - Best strings VST Free

Orchestral Tools Layers is a free Strings VST plugin by Orchestral tools and it’s super sounding and over 17 GB of samples.

This plugin allows you to control the mic positions, and has individual string, woodwind, and brass. This plugin is as good as the paid ones to kick start your scoring.

When you listen to the demo below, you will know why it’s added to this list. As the sounds recorded and the controls it lets you make it a perfect tool to have in your arsenal.

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9. Native Instruments String Ensemble

Regardless of your use of this plugin either modern scoring or cinematic scoring, this provided great clarity of sound with 60-piece string.

String Ensemble has a really nice legato and portamento. The library is a massive 34 GB of high quality sound and lets you control the EQ, Reverb, Compression, and Filter.

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10. EastWest Symphonic Orchestra

EastWest Symphonic Orchestra

Symphonic Orchestra by EastWest is another Massive Library of 120+ GB of high quality sounding orchestra. If you are looking to buy just 1 plugin to score your orchestra, this is a great choice as it has everything you need.

This plugin also has a section for the Portamento, Repetition, Legato, and Round Robin Reset. This award wining plugin has it all.

Below is the official walkthrough for the plugin. You can hear the demo for yourself.

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11. Hans Zimmer Strings

Hans Zimmer Strings

Hans Zimmer Strings Can’t be missed out from this list whatsoever. One of my favorite plugins and have used it multiple times in scoring for my music.

This was recorded with 344 players and 26 mics and you can image how many sounds this would have with extraordinary quality to compose for your own music.

This dedicated plugin also has 246 articulations and a very easy-to-use user interface. But I will tell you it sounds as good as it looks.

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12. NOVO Modern Strings

Heavyocity NOVO Modern Strings comes with 20,000+ samples and 50-piece orchestra. The sounds from this fits perfectly for both Electronic Music to Modern Cinematic Sounds Scores.

This can be played with the Kontakt Library and lets you control:
– Full
– Close
– Room
– Hall
– Velocity
– Dynamics

For $119 you do get huge value for the money. Below is the demo of the sound from this library.

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13. Intimate Studio Strings – 8dio

Intimate Studio Strings has over 45.12GB of precisely recorded samples and deep and articulated orchestra.

Each instrument has it’s very own knobs that you can control such as solo, mute, output routing, volume, and panning. This library can be perfect if you’re getting started or even advanced.

Listen to the below demo of the Intimate Studio Strings.

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14. Spitfire Chamber Strings

Spitfire Chamber Strings was recorded at Air Studios with over 16 string players and 246 articulations. This library can be played on Kontakt Library.

This user interface may look simple but it has over 72697 samples in total. Which is a lot of samples to choose from for your music.

This plugin has 38 shorts, 53 longs, 19 FX, and 45 extraordinary legato patches. Listen to the walkthrough and demo of the library.

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You may see a lot of them here that sounds amazing but feel free to try out what you like and what fits your style before making a decision.

You can always, mix match these plugins to suit your desired goal.

Also, do check out the other free instruments.

Happy Producing!

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