CFA-Sound – SUPER-7 | Free Synth VST

CFA-Sound – SUPER-7

CFA Sound – Super-7 Supersaw is a free synth developed by Resonance Sound. This synth is made to resemble Roland JP8000/8080 and if you are making EDM songs and looking for those kinda sound then this plugin is beautiful.

CFA-Sound – SUPER-7 Supersaw VST


  • polyphonic virtual-analog modelled synthesizer
  • 32 Voices
  • 1 Emulated supersaw OSC
  • 4-pole lowpass filter
  • A total of 20 presets


VST 2.3 – 32 Bit (Windows)

Download from official site:

Download CFA Sound – Super-7 Supersaw

Karr Nade

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