Dexed – FREE VST FM Synth

This is a free VST Synth Plugin. It’s a pretty lightweight plugin and it’s very smooth on your DAW.


  • Multiplatform [Mac/Windows]
  • 144 DAW Automatable DX7 Parameters
  • Supports DX7 input and output
  • Can load any DX7
  • Easy UI/UX

Download for Mac/Windows

How to Install Dexed FM Synth VST Plugin?

Step 1

Dexed Free

Download the zip file and click on the exe file.

Step 2

Install Dexed Free Synth

Click on Agree to the terms and click next!

Step 3

Dexed Plugin

Choose your location for the installation and click next.

Step 4

FM Synth Dexed

Choose the .dll file’s location to install and click next.

Step 5

FM Dexed Synth

Click next.

Step 6

Free VST Synth

Choose the name of the folder and click next.

Step 7

Free Synth

Click on install button.

Step 8

Synth Free

You are done and click finish now.

Step 9

Synth Dexed Free

Go to your DAW and refresh your plugin list. In my case, I have FL Studio.

Step 10

free dexed

Once installed you can find it on your browser on the left.

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