DSK DrumZ 8bitZ

DSK DrumZ 8bitZ

DSK DrumZ 8bitZ is an 8-bit drum module that sounds smooth yet punchy. This drum is plugin has 8 sound slots which range from C3 – C4. A free plugin to have on your toolkit.

DSK DrumZ 8bitZ Features:-

  • Extra sound kit with a total of 6 drum kit
  • Each sample has a pitch knob.
  • Pan level controls.
  • MIDI Automator.
  • Velocity controls.
  • Preset Selectors.

Download from Official Website:-

Download DSK DrumZ 8bitZ

Karr Nade

My Name is Karr, I've been producing music for the past 6 years. I'm not a pro but I am still learning every day. I love to share what I find and that is the purpose for this blog.

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