Get Your Music On Spotify

How to Get Your Music On Spotify

Ever wondered how to get your music on Spotify? Well, it wasn’t as easy as it is now to get your music on Spotify a few years before. There was a time it was such a painful process to do anything like music distribution during the DVD days,

You don’t need to have a record label to distribute your music or even the need for a big studio. You can do it all in the comfort of your home with a laptop and online access.

After all, we are in the 20s now and we are blessed with a bunch of music distribution services and you can just pay a minimal fee and sit back and watch yourself grow. These music distribution services also come with a lot of different ways to help you and your music.

Keep in mind that these aren’t in any particular order.

Below is the list of ways to get your music on Spotify


Tunecore is a music distribution service that comes with a lot of features and also a bunch of packages. Depending upon your goal, you can pick the right one. They also provide analytics of your music along with revenue reports. They also have a zero commission policy.

+ Zero Commission

+ Revenue reports

+ Analytics

 – A little pricy

Starting from $9.99.


Cdbaby was and is one of the oldest services and they’ve always been in the distribution business. They have a wide range of plans for individual artists. They do have a little commission but they aren’t that expensive. If you are looking for a service that has everything you need then here is your pick.

+ Physical distributions such as CDs, Vinyl, etc

+ Free tools for marketing

+ Instant verification

+ No annual fee

– Has a Commission

Starting from $9.95.


Ditto stands out from the majority as they also have a yearly unlimited distribution plan. You will just have a small fee for a year and you can distribute unlimited songs. They aren’t expensive and comes with a lot of support for the artist.

+ No Commissions

+ Yearly fee and unlimited songs

+ User-friendly reports

– No option for price per song/album

Starting from $19/year.


LANDR is primarily a mastering service and they also have a distribution service. I personally love them as they are affordable and comes with a lot of tools to help. They also give a feature that instantly masters your track for streaming to support all major streaming services.

+ Zero Commission

+ Music playlists

+ Supports cover songs

+ Mastering service

Starting from 1$/month


Stem is another service but not everybody is accepted into it. You will have to go through an application and it’s not guaranteed acceptance. They do offer a lot of services once accepted and they are selective because each artist gets their own dedicated Stem representatives.

+ User-friendly analytics

+ Playlist for your music

+ Zero fees

– Not easy to get accepted

– takes a week to get a reply



Symphonic launched back in 2006, is wonderful and affordable. I personally used the services for some of my friends. The only downside I see is that you can’t just go and click buy now. You need to apply and once they have reviewed you will be able to distribute your music.

+ Tools for marketing

+ Rights management

+ Zero Commission

– Apply only

Pricing info


Reverbnation is a whole package for individual artists/producers. They have so many tools that help you reach millions of fans. It also comes at a very affordable rate and provides all the tools you need to get out there such as your own website, mailing list tools, gig finder, etc.

+ Affordable

+ Helps to find gigs

+ Zero commissions

+ Marketing tools

+ Free plan available

– Only the premium package doesn’t contact their branding. All the other packages come with their own branding

Starting from $12.95/month


Distrokid is a pretty cool service if you want all in one. They offer a plan to pay a small yearly fee and upload unlimited songs. They distribute to all the newer platforms as well and the zero commission helps you to keep all the money you earn. If you are someone who just likes to pay once a year and go on making music without worrying about distribution then here is your pick.

+ Zero commission

+ Yearly fee and Unlimited songs

+ Affordable

+ Marketing tools

– Not that great of customer service (According to reviews)

Starting from $19.99/year.


That’s a wrap. Keep in mind that the above list is just my opinion after my own research. I have linked to the original websites and you can have a look for yourself before opting for one.



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