Piano One – FREE VST Piano Plugin

Piano One

Piano One is a free VST Piano plugin that is a VST version of the Yamaha C7 Concert Grand.

Piano One is free with a powerful engine that supports WIn/MAC. It can be pretty complicated to install but there is a video on how to install it.

This plugin is the free version of Neo Piano by Sound Magic. That means, it will be missing certain features but you can get away with it by tweaking the sound with other plugins.

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It comes with quite a lot of presets and reverb etc.



  • Windows & Mac (64/32 bit)
  • Sound of the Yamaha C7 Concert Grand
  • Multiple presets
  • Reverb Control
  • 18 seconds of limited note duration.


Karr Nade

My Name is Karr, I've been producing music for the past 6 years. I'm not a pro but I am still learning every day. I love to share what I find and that is the purpose for this blog.

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