Space Lite – Cymatics’ Free Reverb VST Plugin

Space Lite

Space Lite is a Free Reverb Plugin (VST/AU) that is very powerful and has a great natural sounding reverb effect. Keep in mind that this plugin is only 64bit.

The plugin has three different reverb modes. What I like about this plugin is that its performance is as good as it looks. Simple yet futuristic-looking GUI and produces great sounding reverb effect that sits really well in your mix.

The plugin has a lot of great features packed in it, you can use this plugin on any instrument, drums, synths, vocals, and pretty much anything.

Space Lite comes with included FX modes are Pitch, Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser. The full version does have much more modes but you can still comfortably use this plugin to create whatever you need.

If you really like this plugin, consider buying the full version.

Download from the official site

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