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Autotune Evo is one of the best in the industry of autotune and pitch correction. Massive studios to home studios almost everybody uses these and it’s for a good reason as this is a pretty powerful plugin.

This free plugin is great for Vocals but will also work flawlessly for monophonic instruments. The plugin has a wide variety of features and can be used for real-time pitch correction or even to correct pitch in a track.

The plugin has the ability to just be used for a creative effect or even extensive correction of vocals. This plugin has a pro version that is even cooler than this but for this free version, there are no complaints.

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Autotune Evo Features:

  • Available for Windows only.
  • Free and easy to install
  • Choose Vocal type: Alto, Tenor, etc…
  • Automatic Mode and Graphical Mode.

Download from official website

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