12 Best Free EQ VST Plugins in 2024

Best Free EQ VST Plugins

Before we get started on the free EQ, if you don’t know what is an EQ? then I got you covered!

What is an EQ in music?

EQ or Equalizer is a tool that can manipulate or change the balance of the frequencies in an audio signal.

Humans can hear a range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and in a song, each of your instruments are going to vibrate or output different frequencies.

An EQ tool will help you to shape your sounds, which can make your mixes sound clean or however you are mixing it to be.

So in the production environment on the mixing stage of a track, you are basically going to be using EQ to mix your instruments.

There is a really good video from Waves that will help you to understand more about EQ.

Best Free EQ VST Plugins:

While there are a whole bunch of EQ plugins, there are the ones that are completely free to use on your tracks.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or break your bank to get a good EQ plugin. I have watched a lot of videos, tried a lot of free EQ plugins, and came up with the best free EQ plugins that are worth it.

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So, read on to find the best ones.


MEqualizer Free EQ

MEqualizer by Melda Productions is an amazing EQ plugin with a 6-band equalizer. This free plugin has a great feature of spectrum analyzer and sonogram.

Each of the 6 bands has 7 different filter types. The plugin is fairly new and the coolest part is that they have made it sound like a vintage analog EQ.

For a free plugin to have spectrum analyzer and sonogram is pretty rare and we have it now. Don’t miss this plugin.

More Info / Download: MEqualizer

2.Triple EQ

Blue Cat’s Triple EQ is one of the best free eq plugins out there. This is a 3 band semi-0parametric equalizer that high shelf, low shelf, and a boost/cut peak filter.

One of the unique features of this plugin is that the three filters are linked together, which means you will be able to control or change the center frequency and bandwidth with a single click.

The graph in the plugin allows you to see exactly how the signals are processed.


  • MIDI automation
  • No Latency
  • EQ Presets
  • WYSIWYG 3 bands semi-parametric equalizer
  • Real-time display of frequency
  • On Graph filter shape

Download Blue Cat’s Triple EQ

3.Marvel GEQ

Voxengo Marvel GEQ Free EQ

Marvel GEQ is a free EQ VST plugin that is a linear face graphical EQ plugin. This plugin is perfect for mastering because it enables you to isolate the center of the mix from sides.

The coolest feature in this plugin is you can group your edits and can shift between them. Even though it doesn’t have a spectrum analyzer and if you don’t really care about it then this is a powerful plugin.

Marvel GEQ has a complex internal channel routing options. It also comes with mid/side channel processing which can come in handy.

More Info / Download: Marvel GEQ



SlickEQ is a modernized EQ and comes with 3-bands along with an 18dB/Oct high-pass filter. It’s very easy to use and can be perfect for mixing/mastering your tracks.

It also comes with four different saturation models which can really come in handy when you want to get creative with getting a nice texture for your output.

You get 5 output stages with this plugin and they are “Linear”, “Silky”, “Mellow”, “Deep” and “Toasted”. The saturation it provides is pretty pleasing to the ears.

More Info / Download: SlickEQ



TDR Nova is a free EQ plugin that you won’t believe it’s given out for free. NOVA is a parallel dynamic equalizer that comes in a similar layout to a parametric equalizer.

Supported by the dynamics section on each of the bands will allow you to access and cover a wide range of frequency spectrum.

If you are looking for a high-end but free EQ plugin for your mixing/mastering then you should add it to your tool kit. It also supports macOS and Windows.


More Info / Download: TDR Nova


BAsiQ VST Free

BasiQ is a free 3-band simple, clean, and free EQ. The plugin is pretty straight forward to use and comes with simple controls.

This type of EQ will be very convenient for guitar players as you aren’t distracted by other controls and just the three bands.

This plugin is modeled after the design of the classic Baxandall Equalizer. It’s so simple that for a guitar melody you can just throw this EQ and either cut some frequencies or boost some and that’s it!

More Info / Download: BasiQ


SonEQ free eq

SonEQ by Sonimus is a free EQ plugin that has 3-bands Low, Mid, and High. This EQ plugin is pretty straight forward and has a bit of vintage analogue type of features to it

if you don’t want to complicate and don’t care much about taking off certain frequencies then this is the right choice.

I tried this plugin on a guitar and a drum sound and it works perfectly because I just has simple control over the three bands but If you are going to use this for mastering and mixing your whole track then I wouldn’t recommend this.

More Info / Download: SonEQ

8.4U+ DynamicTiltEQ

4U+ DynamicTiltEQ

HOFA 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ is a free EQ plugin that is modeled with producers in mind and they have given it out for free.

Perfectly crafted for balance between bass and treble with a sing click. They also have an integrated analyzer and with a dynamic feature.

It has boosts up to 24db and comes with very powerful presets which are very easy to use. The great thing about this plugin is that it supports 32bit/64bit.


More Info / Download: 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ

9.lKJB – Luftikus


IKJB – Luftiks is the digital version of the analog EQ. This colorful free EQ is amazing to use right off the bat.

This plugin can compete between a paid analog EQ and it can still win. It has every single feature you need and can be used to master or mix your tracks.


  • 10, 40, 160 & 640 Hz bands
  • Mastering analog EQ
  • Deep gain
  • Output trim or gain
  • Improvised design

More Info / Download: lKJB – Luftikus

10.Mellomuse – EQ1A

 EQ1A Equalizer

EQ1A is a free EQ plugin with a minimal interface that has an analog-style equalizer. This is a very versatile EQ that supports both macOS and Windows.

Featuring simple controls that has sweep-able low and high peak filters.

  • HP: 10hz – 1khz
  • Low Shelf: 30hz – 500hz
  • Low Mid: 70hz – 2khz
  • High Mid: 500hz – 6k
  • High Shelf: 1.5k – 18k
  • Phase switch
  • Output level
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • Formats: 64bit VST, VST3, AU, and AAX
  • Version: 3.6

More Info / Download: EQ1A



ColourEQ is a free EQ which produces perfect output that you can use to mixing and mastering of your tracks.

The plugin comes with a super parametric peaking filter. Has the regular gain/width/frequency shifters to shape your curves.

Supports Windows and macOS, very light on the CPU and it’s completely free to download.

More Info / Download: ColourEQ

12. Ozone 11 EQ

IZotope‘s free Ozone 11 EQ is a gift for producers looking to get some hands-on premium products for free.

This plugin is also perfect for beginners as well as advanced producers as it comes with a complete EQ package.

You can either use this as a standalone plugin or throw it on an individual track. This plugin is a part of their Komplete Start bundle.

One of the coolest features of this EQ plugin is the Transient/Sustain mode which processes either the transient or sustained part of a signal separately. Process either the transient or sustained part of a signal separately.

Below are some of the features of the Free EQ:

  • New Transient/Sustain mode for shaping the impact of tracks
  • Easy-to-use interface for pinpointing problem frequencies
  • Mid/Side mode for shaping the stereo image
  • Flexible and powerful EQ plugin
  • Enhances any mix
  • Available for free to add to your toolkit

This plugin supports AAX, AU, and VST3 for 64-bit Windows and macOS.

Get the plugin

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Final thoughts

There are still a whole bunch of EQ plugins that are free and I will soon write about EQ with spectrum analyzer which will be more convenient.

When there are a lot of options, it might be confusing or overwhelming to choose the right one but the fact that they are all free, you can check each one of them out to figure it out.

Stock EQ Plugins VS Free EQ Plugins?

Stock EQ plugins themselves can be good enough for you that comes with your DAW but sometimes depending on your EQ needs, you might require more features on your EQ.

With free EQ plugins, you can have a variety of options from third-party plugins. Almost all of the plugins support your OS or your DAW.

Good practice: A great practice would be to use a combination of both regardless of you just mixing songs or mastering them.

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