Slate Digital – Fresh Air [Dynamic Frequency Processor]

Slate Digital Fresh Air”

Slate Digital has released a new plugin called Fresh Air. A brand new super dynamic frequency processor.

For a limited time this plugin is free to download and requires you to create an account along with an iLok authorization.

What is Fresh Air?

Fresh Air is a dynamic high-frequency processor that adds a little bit of high to your mix without contributing any harshness to your mix.

It has a neumorphic looking design with a very minimal interface. You get two main knobs which are “High Air” and “Mid Air”.

The plugin is based on vintage exciter circuits and very intelligent advanced dynamic audio processing.

Each knob controls a specific frequency and has its own characteristics. When you try this on different sounds it either gives out a warm vintage feel or a little crisp to your sounds.

When added to the entire mix, the plugin can either add great characteristics to your mix or add a subtle lush-full feel to it.

When I tried this plugin I did understand what the name suggests, it adds a specific feel to it where it almost feels like there is more air to your mix / particular sounds.

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Even if you are a beginner, the plugin is very easy to use and all you need to do is plug and play. The very user-friendly interface has only 2 main knobs and no other distractions.

To get you started, you can also try their presets that comes with the plugin.

Click here for more information / Download the Slate Digital Fresh Air Plugin

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