MONSTER DAW Releases Monster BASS

Monster BASS Free Download

Many of you might know Monster DAW, they have just released a crazy Bass plugin called Monster Bass and we are loving it!

It’s basically a free Bass VST plugin that has 3 categories of sound, Synth Bass, Electric Bass, and Acoustic Bass. So, you can use it in any kind of music that you like or create.

Monster DAW says that Monster BASS is an ROMpler VST, and they explain that it means that it is a simple plugin that works as a sampler without too many complicated parameters.

The plugin is pretty lightweight and doesn’t take up so much load on your device. The plugin itself sounds wonderful and real like.

Usually when I download a plugin I end up taking sometime to understand how it works but this one was right off the bat easy to use.

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  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface
  • Unique sound samples
  • 25 presets in the plugin
  • Low ram usage
  • Light on your CPU
  • 2 octave range (to accommodate Bass Range)
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS


Download from the Official website

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