5 FREE Gross Beat Alternatives

FREE Gross Beat Alternatives

Gross Beat is one of my favorite plugins to create cool effects with. If you don’t know what I am talking about, Gross Beat is a time and volume manipulation plugin that can be used in any DAW, load it in an effects channel and can manipulate the audio that runs through it.

You can hear these effects in many of the songs and even in live performances of DJs. It’s limitless in terms of what you can do. The problem is that it can be a little expensive and might not support every platform. So, I have a list of free gross beat alternatives for you.

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FREE Gross Beat Alternatives

Below plugins aren’t exactly like Gross Beat but with a few tweaks you can get the sound effects. It’s free to use on your tracks.

1. Gatelab (New)


Gatelab is a fairly new freebie from Audiomodern™ and they are known to create some amazing creative music plugins that can change your whole music production game.

Gatelab is basically a gate sequencer plugin that has endless possibilities on how you can make your beats/audio sound. You can create a randomized sequence with a click, or you can also create a unique one from scratch.

You can easily use this plugin to create any sort of Gross Beat like effect from this plugin, I tried this plugin on a synth and the amount of unique sequence I came up with within just about a few seconds is a lot.

Get Gatelab

2. Hysteresis


Hysteresis is a FREE glitch delay plugin that creates robotic sounds and malfunctions effect on your tracks. You can use this plugin to get the same Gross Beat effect on Vocals, Drums, Synths, Sounds, and Other effects.

Download Hysteresis

3. Glitch

Gltch VST Free Download

Glitch is a plugin that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux and creates as the name suggests a “Glitch” effect. According to the author, this plugin can Randomize, Mutate, and Glitch. You can manipulate volume and time with this plugin creating unexpected/chaotic sound effects.

Note: Glitch 2 is a paid plugin but the Glitch 1.3 is a free version that is mentioned here.

Download Glitch 1.3

4. LoopDrive

LoopDrive Free Download

LoopDrive is a loop slicer and built towards creating drum sound effects but can be used on Vocals, sounds, guitars, synths, and keys. The envelope, filter, and slicer knobs can help you to create a glitch sound effect.

Download LoopDrive

5. Fracture


Fracture is made by GlitchMachines that create a buffer sound effect along with robotic artifact. A very cool plugin that is free and supports multiplatform. With 100+ presets included, you can great creative sound effects.

Download Fracture

6. Wolf Shaper (Bonus!)

Wolf Shaper

Wolf Shaper is a waveshaper plugin that comes with a graph editor. It’s a simple yet powerful sound effect plugin made by Patrick Desaulniers. It’s an open-source plugin that supports Windows and Linux.

Download Wolf Shaper


If you find any other plugin that is an actual alternative to Gross Bear, then feel free to reach out to me.

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